In progress


I am currently completing two long-term projects:

Diary Film

A sequence of still and moving images derived from photos and videos taken on an iPhone over the course of one year. For a detail click here.

de Umbris Idearum [of the Shadow Cast by Our Thoughts], is a written piece that will be published as a series of 12 books, designed to evoke the series of paperback in the Penguin Freud Library. It combines a ‘remembering’ – it is a record of events kept in a diary – with the search for the equivalent, in literature, of an indexical mark. In this way it echoes other autobiographical fictions such as Andre Breton’s Nadja, which combine first person narrative with photographs taken ‘as if for a medical report’.

Just as a cast shadow has an indexical relation to the object that is its source, use of the first person points directly to the speaking subject. I try to complicate this relation by giving multiple ‘I’s from external sources such as newspaper articles, texts and emails etc., equal weight alongside my ‘own'; to weave together a text that also incorporates receipts, advertisements and other found or encountered material such as flyers, notices and signs. The narrative ‘voice’ thereby produced has an almost psychotic approach to language; one that doesn’t understand metaphor perhaps, but that instead takes everything at face value – as a message from a world that ‘speaks’ only to ‘me’. Humour enters at this point.

An essay by Margaret Iversen on the diaries (plus the related body of Jacquard tapestry work) can be found here.

The ideas behind these bodies of work are also discussed in an interview for Hyperallergic, which can be found here.