E/ 46 Whitmore Rd
N1 5QG
1984 BA (Hons) Birmingham College of Art (now UCE)
1991 MA Goldsmiths College, University of London
1998 - 2000 Goldsmiths' College, University of London
(Two year research bursary with studio)
2007PhD, University of the Arts, London
(Three-year full time studentship)
2018Reflex II, Group Show, Bartha Contemporary, London
2017For Eternity: Archival Strategies in Art, Group Show, Kunstraum Alexander Bürkle, Germany
Intuition, Group Show, Palazzo Fortuny, Venice*
En l’occurrence, Group Show, CEAAC, Strasbourg, France*
No Secrets, Group Show, ERES-Stiftung Munich, Germany*
Real Print, Group Show, Valentines, Los Angeles, USA
Drawing Biennial (Fundraising exhibition), Group Show, Drawing Room London.*
2016Self Moderation, Solo show, CentrePasquArt, Biel, Switzerland*
Thinking in Algorithms, Group show, Scheublein + Bak, Zürich, Switzerland
...und eine welt noch, Group show, Kunsthaus Hamburg, Germany
No Fun Without EU, Group Show, One-day protest event, London
2015 Compression, Group show, Ormston House, Ireland*
Drawing Biennial (Fundraising exhibition), Group Show, Drawing Room London.*
2014 A Work in Progress, Solo Show, Stags Head Public House, London
La Collection Impossible, Group Show, Fondation Fernet-Branca à Saint-Louis, France*
2013Whisper Down the Lane, Group Show, Gallery 400, University of Illinois at Chicago, USA.*
Lumin, Group Show, Old St. Clements Hospital, London.
Drawing Biennial (Fundraising exhibition), Group Show, Drawing Room London.*
2012 Motion Capture: Drawing and the Moving Image in Contemporary Art, Group Show, Lewis Glucksman Gallery, Cork. Toured to the Regional Cultural Centre, Letterkenny, Ireland.*
Susan Morris: Untitled Motion Capture Drawings, Solo Show, Art Exchange, University of Essex.
Sun Dial: Night Watch, Solo Show: Permanent installation of tapestries at the John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford.
Susan Morris: Untitled Motion Capture Drawings, Solo Show, London Gallery West, London.*
2011BRC Open Day, (Solo Exhibition of posters and tapestry) John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford.
Sun Dial: Night Watch, Solo Show: Exhibition of Jacquard tapestry, Cheltenham Science festival.
Drawing Biennial (Fundraising exhibition), Group Show, Drawing Room London.*
Tracing a Bodily Unconscious, Solo Show, Examination Rooms, Oxford University.
2009Sontag Montag: Drawings, Recordings and Diagrams by Susan Morris, Solo Show, Five Years, London.*
Timewarp, Group Show, CRAC, Alsace, France.*
Free Association, Group Show, Area 53, Vienna.
Biennial Fundraising exhibition, Group Show, Drawing Room, London.*
2008 False Friends, with Clive Hodgson, Five Years, London.
Academics Find Formula for 14 Extra Years of Life, Solo Show, Clockwork Gallery, Berlin.
Betseyʼs Salon, Group Show, Presentation of video work to live audience, London.
Honey Honig, Group Show, AutoItalia, London.
Underwood, Group Show, Ballhaus Ost, Berlin.*
2007 Video Art Festival, Group Show, Prague, Czechoslovakia.
Our Period, with Mathew Hale, Five Years, London.
On My Nervous Illness, Solo Show: PhD Viva Exhibition, CSM College, University of the Arts, London.
2006 Always on My Mind, Solo Show, Platform Gallery, London. Arts Council funded.
Frenzy, Group Show, The Metropole Galleries, Folkestone.*
The Society of London Ladies, Group Show, Paris.
Outdoors, Group Show, Danielle Arnaud Gallery, London.
2003 Adddiction, Co-curator and exhibitor, Group Show, London.
Sense and Nonsense, Group Show, Danielle Arnaud Gallery, London.
Tender Prey, Group Show, Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam.*
The Group of Seven, Group Show, Platform Gallery, London.
2002 Silence and Darkness, (Co-curator and exhibitor), Group Show, Outline, Amsterdam.
Between Two Deaths, Solo Show, Museum Van Nagsael, Rotterdam.
Two Step, Group Show, CCNOA, Brussels.
2001 Eat. Fuck. Die., Group Show, Platform Gallery, London.
Starring, Group Show, Five Years, London.
The Difference Between You and Us, Group Show, Five Years, London.
2000 Perspective 2000, Group Show, Ormeau Baths, Belfast.*
The Haunting, Solo Show, Five Years Gallery, London.
For Your Eyes Only, Group Show, London and Essex.
Dark Pop, Group Show, London.
John, I'm Only Dancing, Group Show, London and Edinburgh.*
1999 Desire, Solo Show, Project 304, Bangkok.*
Project for Make Magazine, (Solo) Issue no. 84, June 1999. *
Ritual, Group Show, Danielle Arnaud Gallery, London.
Interior/Interior, Group Show, A Five Years Project at Danielle Arnaud Gallery, London.
Resolute, Group Show, Platform Gallery, London.
1998Silent Movies, Group Show, Co-curator and exhibitor, Five Years Gallery, London.
Playing And Reality, Group Show, Curator and exhibitor, Salon II, London.
What Is A Photograph?, Group Show, Co-curator and exhibitor, Five Years, London.
Whitechapel Open, Group Show, Whitechapel Art Gallery, London.
United in Death, Group Show, Curator and exhibitor: Exhibition on C.D. and Gallery Installation, Cambridge Darkroom.*
The School of Beautiful Art, Group Show, Curator and exhibitor, Tower Hamlets College, London
1997 On Boredom, Group Show, Curator and exhibitor. Exhibition on C.D. Distributed by post.
Launch party and screening, I.C.A., London*
Between Hits, Solo Show, Accident Gallery, London
Accident, Group show, Accident Gallery, London
*Indicates catalogue/publication
2018(Forthcoming) ‘Fortuna: Drawing, Materiality and Contingency in a Digital Age’ by Ed Krcma in O Que Nos Faz Pensar, Journal of the Philosophy Department of PUC-Rio, Brazil.
(Forthcoming) ‘Towards a History of the Portrait, the Anti-portrait, and What Comes After’, by Michael Newman, in Anti-Portraiture: Challenging the Limits of the Portrait, edited by Christie Imber & Fiona Johnstone, IB Tauris, London
2017Photography, Trace and Trauma, Margaret Iversen, University of Chicago Press
2016‘One-Twenty-Two’ by Briony Fer, and ‘Compelled to Count’ by Sadie Plant, both in Self Moderation, Verlag für Moderne Kunst.
2015‘Marking Time: Susan Morris’s Tapestries and Diaries’ by Margaret Iversen, in SunDial:NightWatch_Tapestry Dossier, Drawing Room London.
2012‘Index, Diagram, Graphic Trace’ by Margaret Iversen and ‘Lightning and Rain: Phenomenology, Psychoanalysis and Matisse’s Hand’ in Tate Papers, No. 18; Special Issue on Involuntary Drawing edited by Margaret Iversen.
‘Time Held Up’ by Ed Krčma, and ‘Some Notes on Seeing Ghosts’ by Matthew Packer, in Motion Capture: Drawing and the Moving Image, edited by Matt Packer & Fiona Kearney, Lewis Glucksman Gallery, Ireland.
2009‘Kafka’s Ear’ by Briony Fer; ‘Figuring Futility’ by Ed Krčma and ‘On Susan Morris, or, The Shadow of the Object’ by Margaret Iversen; in Sontag Montag, Five Years, London.
2017Twenty Years of Boredom, Symposium, UCL, London
Inarticulations, Public Lecture, HdK, Zürich, Switzerland
Diary as Novel: The writing of the Neutral? Lifework Symposium, UCL, London
2015Standard Deviation: Time and the Body, Symposium, Drawing Room London
2013The Body That Goes Its Own Way: Involuntary Drawing as Displaced Self-Portraiture, Anti-Portraiture Symposium, Birkbeck College, University of London. Keynote Speaker.
2012Drawing in the Dark, ʻInvoluntary Drawingʼ symposium, University of Westminster. (Accompanying solo exhibition of my Motion Capture Drawings, London Gallery West.)
Expanding Drawing, ‘Lines of Thought’ symposium, Lewis Glucksman Gallery, Cork.
Susan Morris: Presentation of Motion Capture Drawings, ʻThe Art, Theory and Practice of Movement Capture', Symposium, London Knowledge Lab, University of London
2011 I Dream of Deluge, Presentation of Motion Capture Drawings at Ideas Sharing Forum, The Drawing Room, London
2010 Drawing on the Index, ʻMaking in Two Modesʼ Conference, University of Cork, Ireland.
Da... Dada... Da, Da, Da. Paper presented at the 25th Anniversary Conference, Centre for Freudian Analysis and Research: 'Lacan in the UK: Art, Clinic, Feminism, Literature'.
I Keep a Close Watch on this Heart of Mine, Seminar, UCL, London
2003 - 2006 Annual presentation of PhD research. University of the Arts, London.
2002On The Blank, ‘Psychoanalysis and Art’, Tate Modern. With Victor Burgin, Sharon Morris and Clare Bishop.
2015Wellcome Trust grant to produce artist’s book documenting the production of a series of Jacquard tapestries, with concurrent diary notations.
2015Arts Council grant to produce new Jacquard tapestry derived directly from data recording sleep/wake patterns, over a continuous period of five years.
2010Wellcome Trust grant to produce large tapestries from sleep/wake patterns.
Collaboration with the Nuffield Laboratory of Ophthalmology, University of Oxford.
2009Arts Council Grant to produce automatic drawings using Motion Capture Studio at Culture Lab, Newcastle University.
2006 Arts Council Grant to produce new text-based work using 'Concordance' software.
Collaboration with neurologist Dr Peter Garrard, University of London.
2005Funding from the University of the Arts London, plus sponsorship from Cambridge Neurotechnology, Cambridge, and Imperial College, London, to produce automatic drawings generated by the body using medical-scientific devices such as an 'Actiwatch' and 'Actiheart'.
2003Travel Grant from British Council to perform a reading of essay Tender Prey.
1999 Travel Grant from British Council to install exhibition Desire in Bangkok, Thailand.
2014'The Penguin Freud Library', Susan Morris, in All the Libraries in London (website project).
2013'Drawing a Blank', Susan Morris, in Journal of the Centre for Freudian Analysis and Research, Issue 20
2012Drawing in the Dark, Article published by Tate Papers, November 2012 (Issue 18). Part of a special edition on Involuntary Drawing, edited by Professor Margaret Iversen.
2010 Drawing a Blank, Illustrated essay for JCFAR, Vol 20. (Journal of the Centre for Freudian Research and Analysis)
Book cover (detail of Motion Capture Drawing) for Writing Art History, Disciplinary Departures, Margaret Iversen and Stephen Melville, University of Chicago Press.
2009Sontag Montag: Drawings, Recordings and Diagrams by Susan Morris. Exhibition catalogue, with essays by Ed Krčma, Margaret Iversen and Briony Fer. Edited by Deirdre OʼDwyer. Published by Five Years.
2008 Our Periodical ('Combination Piece No. 2'), with Mathew Hale. Inset page for Five Years Periodical, vol 1, number 2.
2007 Museum Van Nagsael : Celebrating 11 years. Contributor (photo-essay). Launched January 2007, Museum Boijmans-Van Beuningen, Rotterdam.
On My Nervous Illness, Artistsʼ Book. PhD submission, University of the Arts, London.
2006 Platform 1998–2006. Gallery Retrospective Catalogue. Contributor (Documentation of three exhibitions). Launched June 2006, Platform Gallery, London.
Frenzy, Text for catalogue accompanying exhibition ʻFrenzyʼ, Metropole Galleries, Folkestone. Supported by the Arts Council. Published by Five Years.
2003 Tender Prey, Text for catalogue of exhibition ʻTender Preyʼ, Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam. Supported by the British Council. Published by Marc Hulson and Mariette Rensen, Amsterdam.
2002 On The Blank, Essay for Filmwaves Magazine, Guest Editor. Contributors: Lucy Steeds on Marcel Broodthaers, Lucy Reynolds on Stan Douglas, Marc Hulson on Edward Dorrian, Malcolm Le Grice on ʻShoot, Shoot, Shootʼ and Ruth Blue on Robert Bresson.
2000 Experience (Editor/ Contributor) 'Four essays on Experience'. Contributions from cultural theorist Kate Love, psychoanalyst Darian Leader, barristers Anthony Heaton Armstrong and David Wolchover. With my artwork and writing. Supported by Goldsmithsʼ College and CSM School of Art and Design. Book published by Looseleaf.
Make Magazine: 'Surveillance Issue'. Artistsʼ project. Centre-page spread of art work.
1998United In Death. (Editor/ Curator). A collection of artworks produced and exhibited on computer. Published as a book with C.D. Texts by David Kirkup and Marc Hulson. Computer-based art works also exhibited at Cambridge Darkroom Gallery, March-April 1998. Contributing artists: Alan Ball, Edward Dorrian, Mathew Hale, Marc Hulson, Patrick McBride, Catherine Yass and myself. Supported by Eastern Arts (Winning an Award for Development of New Work) and the Cambridge Interactive T.V. project (Anglia Telematics Research). Published by Cambridge Darkroom Gallery. Designed by Barnbrook Studios.
1997 On Boredom (Editor/Curator.) C.D. Rom and paper publication of artworks produced on computer. Contributing artists: Jeremy Akerman, Alan Ball, Edward Dorrian, Mathew Hale, Robert Mabb, Anna Mossman, Mariele Neudecker and myself. Introductory essay by myself. Main catalogue essays by David Bate and Andrew Benjamin. Supported by the Arts Council of England and Studio Fish. C.D with fold-up catalogue distributed by post by the Institute of Contemporary Arts, London. Launched at the ICA, in the Nash and Brandon rooms, on 17th December 1997. Published by Cambridge Darkroom Gallery and the ICA. Designed by Jonathan Barnbrook.